Pet Portrait Sessions// Birmingham, AL

What's better than photography + dogs? Not much in my book! After losing my pup a couple of months ago, I realized how precious pictures with your pets truly are. My pictures of/with her have been one of the main things that have kept me going when things start getting really hard. I wanted to give back and offer affordable pet portrait sessions so everyone can have memories with their best friends to cherish forever. Featured in this blog post are Jelly Bean and Norman, the french bulldogs, Reagan the cream golden retriever, and Max the yorkie. All unique and perfect in every way. Enjoy!

Kayte & Corey // Birmingham Engagement Session

I've known Kayte for a long time, so when she asked me to shoot her wedding and engagement I was absolutely thrilled! Her and Corey have been together for 9 years, which is amazing, beautiful, and wonderful to photograph because they are so completely themselves with each other. They also have their own handshake that they add onto every year, which is the freakin cutest thing in the world. Not to mention, adding pups to an engagement session is always fun ;)