Kayte & Corey // Birmingham Engagement Session

I've known Kayte for a long time, so when she asked me to shoot her wedding and engagement I was absolutely thrilled! Her and Corey have been together for 9 years, which is amazing, beautiful, and wonderful to photograph because they are so completely themselves with each other. They also have their own handshake that they add onto every year, which is the freakin cutest thing in the world. Not to mention, adding pups to an engagement session is always fun ;)

Kelli // Tuscaloosa Senior Session

Sometimes your clients just have it all figured out. Kelli and her mom definitely did. They styled everything and had all the locations planned out perfectly. Kelli's mom had a great eye for photography and posing which was also a plus! Kelli rocked it in front of the camera with her contagious smile and amazing confidence!

Photo meetup with photographer Rae Marshall

I had been following Rae Marshall's work for quite a while, so when I saw she was going to be in Huntsville for a couple of days, I jumped on the chance to meet up with her. I absolutely love meeting up and shooting with other photographers because you get to get a feel of how they shoot and work, and also their perspective on things that you may not have noticed in the first place. It's also super fun to exchange photos of each other modeling with our cameras ;)

2014 Highlights

2014 was a very exciting year for me. I finally graduated college with my bachelors degree which meant I got to focus on pursuing photography full time. The best thing ever! Besides having to deal with that constant repetitive question, "so what are you doing now?", it's been wonderful. I also made a point to register my business as an actual business in the state of Alabama. Yay for taxes! I also got published in print for the first time and shot my first magazine cover (which hasn't come out yet). This year overall was a year of growing and improving for me as a person and as a photographer. I'm not even close to where I want to be in my business yet, or in life for that matter, but it's exciting to see my improvement as the years go on. So now, I will grace you with some of my favorite shots from 2014. Happy New Year everyone!